EMO have been tasked to complete Qurban for the poor and needy Muslims in the Philippines for 100 middle sized range goats

Prices were as stated below :
25th June – 14th July 2019 : SGD 130
15th July – 10th August 2019 : SGD 140

Price difference was mainly caused due to the demand factor of the supplier.

An optional contribution of SGD 40 for food packs was encouraged. 

Summary Projects of Qurban


The journey started within 22 hours from Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Hence, without further due , the team proceed to Masjid Angullia after sunrise not long after the flight journey. First task or mission was Slaughtering/Aqiqah of a cow. Afterwards, by the time after Asar Prayers, we recited Lailahaillallah and had a session of Lectures upon the occasion regarding Aqiqah and so on.

As time goes to maghrib prayers, iftar (break fast) of the fresh meat we slaughtered from the cow. Icing on the cake of the day, two men came to convert. Finally, Athan Bayan on the Sunnah closing a delightful day for our team and the locals in Philippines.


The team Prayed Fajr, then Led Eid prayer at Alamino’s sports complex. After breakfast, we went for the Qurban of Masjid Angullia’s cows. Hence, we distributed chocolates to the local children. Moreover, we had lunch and left to the army camp to visit the Brigadier General for collaboration planning for future activities. After that, we head down to Manila to fly to Maulid at the airport. We arrived Zamboanga. And the story will be more exciting tomorrow InshaAllah.

There’s no action done on the day of Nahr (‘Eid) which is more beloved to Allah than slaughtering the sacrifices. It will come in the hereafter with its horns, its hooves and its hair. Know that the blood (of the sacrifices) will be accepted by Allah even before the blood will touch the earth

Narrated by Sayyida Aisha ﷺ