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The Waqaf (charity) for one building home is
USD 3000-4000 to SGD 4000-5000 per unit

One of the projects that EMF does, that creates a very big difference in the recipients lives, is our Building Homes project.

So far, we have built houses for the native people in Sarawak, Malaysia, for the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh and for other honourable people in need in both Cambodia and Philippines.

Oftentimes the local community reach out to us, as they wish to better the daily lives of certain members of their area.

One time there was a community, who wished to build a house for their ustadha, who was a single mother volunteering her time to provide free education for the children in the village.

One of the wonderful aspects about this type of project is, that it brings the community together.

Oftentimes the locals will work alongside with us day and night to build the house, as many of them are skilled workers.

Once the house is finished, we do a small majlis for the community, where food and beverages are provided.