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The Prophet ﷺ  said,

“O people, spread Salam, feed people, and pray while people are asleep at night, and you will enter paradise in peace.”

(Sahih Ibn Maajah)


We support the oppressed civilians in Yemen

EMF considers it an honour to serve the good people of Yemen, who have been facing extreme difficulties for many years. We send funds to our close volunteers and staff in Hadramawt, who then go out and purchase the necessary supplies, such as milk powder, oil, rice, flour, sugar, medicine, and water tanks.

This is also a way of supporting Yemen’s local economy rather than sending goods from abroad. EMF always works closely with our local coordinators, staff, and volunteers, who are intimately familiar with the situation. They photograph the purchased aid and distribute it in accordance with our agreement.


Once a year, our founder, Imran Angullia, travels to Yemen to assist with Ramadhan distribution. Many hospitals are collapsing as a result of war-related destruction or simply a lack of resources. Yemenis struggle to pay for medicine and end up in debt with local pharmacies. Sometimes the required medication is available at their local pharmacies, but they simply cannot afford to purchase it.

Most families are also in debt to their local stores in order to survive. We provide financial assistance, food packs, and medicine to several families throughout the year. In addition, we provide clean water to desert villages where water is scarce and desperately needed.


For the last 9 years, Yemen has been known for having the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. As we are hearing about the renewed conflict, we are anticipating the humanitarian crisis to get worse than ever before. Again, as different parties try to be heroic, 99% of victims are always civilians.

Our Areas Of Support Are

Erth Al-Mustafa Foundation (EMF) has great experience and a vast network for helping the Yemenis on the ground for the past 9 years.

Emergency Packs: $130 (SGD)
$10, 20, 30, 50, 100, 1000 for donation amount

Interested or Enquiries:
+65 8421 7652 (Imran Angullia)

Contribution Period: until 10th March ‘24