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In a narration in 'Musnad al-Bazzâr
that is graded as authentic, it reads

“Whoever builds a mosque for Allāh – though it be the size of the ground nest of a sandgrouse – Allāh will build for him a house in Paradise.”

Rebuilding a mosque is a way for a person to continue earning blessings after death.


The total estimated expenses for one mosque refurbishment is SGD 10,000/RM 30,000

One of EMF’s most notable projects is the reconstruction and renovation of mosques, mostly in Southeast Asian villages (Cambodia and the Philippines).

When we enter a village to carry out the work, the villagers will often work alongside us because many of them have construction experience and are highly skilled.

The work consists of rebuilding the building, cleaning, redecorating, repairing the broken roof, changing the floor layout, repairing basic electricity circuits, and replacing lights.

Mosque On Progress

Materials For The Project

  1. Wooden and Metal Pillars
  2. Stainless Steel Roof
  3. Cement
  4. Bricks
  5. Plywood
  6. Paint
  7. Wiring
  8. Solar Panels
  9. Tiles

Normally, the mosques we rebuilt are packed with Muslims for prayers, but many of them cannot fit under the shelter and must pray outside in the scorching heat.

After the mosques are rebuilt, they will serve as the main da’wah centres for their district, as well as a Quran learning centre, a Muslim welfare hub, and much more.

mosque sri menanang