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Erth al-Mustafa إرث المصطفى is a two-branched organization, combining humanitarian work and the spreading of traditional Islamic knowledge. 

EMF means Erth al-Mustafa إرث المصطفى – translated from Arabic it means the inheritance of the chosen one, referring to the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him). Shaykh Imran chose that name as he wished to spread and enlighten the inheritance of the Prophet ﷺ .

You may look at the kind of projects that you are interested in and contact us by call or mail.

EMF has its main office in Johor, Malaysia, but also has branches in Philippines and Cambodia.

Firstly, profits from our book sales that we published and translated as a means of creating an income. Furthermore, EMF is supported by the local government departments, various NGO’s initiative. and in the beginning by IDDEF, who has continued to guide and support us.

We strive to have an administrative fee of maximum 10%. In 2018, it was even less than that.

EMF is funded by the local government departments, especially various of NGO’s initiative in Malaysia. Whenever we do religious events we will sell our books and people would donate for these specific da’wah activities, either by giving money, food, a place to do the event, and likewise.

No, we do not invest donations in any business ventures.

Yes, we do attend to personal request and we would like to contact us personally, further discuss about this method.

Yes most of us, We have volunteers in respective countries for our projects for simpler organisation work. However,  delicate work is being done by people who are directly employed by the organisation to preserve the consistency and  quality of work.

We have joined forces with the honorable Ustadha Yasmin al-Idros, who is the descendant of ahl ul-bayt from Tarim. For many years she has been doing dawah on a daily basis and has a big following of ladies. Regularly hubabah from Tarim and Indonesia come to visit her. We see our cooperation with Ustadha Yasmin as one of our greatest blessings, because women can truly move mountains for the sake of Allah. Ustadha Yasmin and her group tirelessly collect money for those in need. Their branch of EMF is called “Tholabatul ‘Ilm EMOsians”.