We are honoured to present to you our Malaysian EMO team : These are the people who are doing hours of hard work day and night – often during weekends and holidays as well, sacrificing personal and family time for the sake of Allāh subhana wa ta’ala.
They are the ones who are in the Malaysian EMO office on a daily basis, and who you will be in contact with when you reach out to EMO Malaysia.
Of course we also have many others who are active in the Malaysian EMO branch, volunteers and board members working behind the scenes.


Administration team

Imran Angullia

The Founder

The founder and CEO of EMO and in-residence scholar. He is the mastermind leader of the organisation and a teacher.

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Azrul Azim

Graphic Designer & Photographer

He is responsible for doing the layout and publishing all of our books, as well as local events and graphic design.

Anwar Mashhar

Videographer & Photographer

The man behind the camera. Photography and videography are amongst those under his influence. Beyond the camera, he assists in graphic designing, photo and video editing.

Shafiq Angullia

Web Designer/IT Expert & Editor

If there’s someone who can explain anything about Information Technology, Shafiq  is the one. He is also an editor for our magazine and website including designing work.


Front End team

Nor Ismatul Davina

Poster Designer


She started from scratch and went through training in graphic design. She now makes 90 % of all our posters, is responsible for our book sales and assists in ladies’ dawah.

Abdul Manaf

Logistics, Runner & Broadcast


Without him we couldn’t function, as he takes care of all logistics and practical projects, such as live streaming for all of our daily classes, online da’wah and much more.

Hanna Svendsen

Accountant & Media Communication


She helps out with financial transactions, the organizational structure and media communication.

Side Collaborators team

Ustadha Yasmin al-Idros

She takes care of dawah for women in Johor, Malaysia as well as collecting donations for different EMO projects.

Ustadh Azian Bin Man

Ustadh Huzaif Zozlan


    1. IDDEF : Our Turkish partner, who gave us the first push to begin this journey and has continued to give endless support and advice.
      Without them none of this would have been possible.
    2. Vision 21: Our Singaporean partner, a team of sincere citizens wishing to spend their limited free time doing the work of Allah. 

Our Collaborations