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Urgent Appeal For Flood In Hadramawt, Yemen

We Don’t Delay Your Zakat And Contribution To Yemen This Ramadan 1442H/2021

Dear Family and Friends,
Since we started collecting Zakāt for Yemen in the year 2017, we have distributed and allocated all the Zakāt given within the same month.

In 2019, we were fortunate to be able to have a first hand experience by witnessing the joy of the Zakāt recipients ourselves. As we have always declared, we have collected SGD 40,000 from Singapore. I remember losing 5 kg just in few days (maybe in 2 weeks). Working hard while fasting in the dry hot desert, quenching my thirst at the sunset. Nothing was more satisfying than the cold water.

However, I wished I had more to give them. Just after a few days of buying a large quantity of food packs, medication (buying medicine and money for critical treatment, debt payment and paying the expenses of students of knowledge) everything was finished.

The most amazing sight was when one of our volunteers even forked out his own money when he had paid everything from flight, food to accommodations by himself.

This Ramaḍān we have been encouraged by our local coordinator to give out children’s milk as well. He says that nothing brings the recipients more joy, than when they are able to sustain their children with needed nutrition and they always express their gratitude.

We also pay debts of religious students and teachers, many of whom have had a hard time this year due to COVID-19.

We will deliver your ZAKAT in 3 batches.

29th April 2021 [17th Ramadan]
5th May 2021 [23rd Ramadan]
12th May 2021 [30th Ramadan]

If you are looking to catch the date of Nuzul al-Qurʾān and the event of ahl-Badr [the event of Badr], you may do the payment by 29th April 2020. InshaAllah.

DBS BANK: 0720271874 (Current)
PayNow to UEN: 53368390D
+65 8421 7652 (Imran Angullia)

Maybank: 5623 666 55 629
Imran Angullia: +60177980058
Collection period: Until 13th May ’21

Yemen Crisis

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