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Water Well

EMO build water well nearby the mosque on outdoor area for easy access of ablution and drinking use to most villagers. It can be used for 500 people in a village

Bio-sand Water Filter

EMO launched its first Bio-sand Filter Project in Philippines. Bio-sand filter removes up to 99% of the water-borne, disease causing pathogens and serves drinkable water.

Mosque Refurbishment

EMO prioritise towards providing functioning equipments and facilities for selected mosques in Asia such as reconstructing the building, cleaning, redecorating, repair the broken roof, reinstall floor, fix basic electricity circuits and lights.

Wakaf Mushaf Qur'an

EMO initial plan in collecting Qur’an for a charity was 250 pieces. However, we received 400 pieces from a Quran Factory. Hence, we distributed to a madrasah educating children in the science of Qur’an,

Qurban & Afiqah

EMO completed Qurban and Afiqah projects for the poor and needy muslims in the Philippines with the quantity of 100 middle size range goats during 25th June to 10th August of 2019 with the assist of donations

Building Homes

EMO has completed building homes for our representative teacher and local villagers in Southeast Asia. A form of charity providing shelters to live and survive with beloved family





Water wells, refurbishment of mosques, supporting a madrasa. Our representatives works with the local villagers to get them actively involved in all of our projects


Water wells, helping widows and poor Muslim converts and refurbishment of mosques. We are working with a local ustadh there, who also studied in Tarim


Clean water, food and other forms of aid. We employed college friend of the founder, he is a trustworthy local man, who will distribute the zakat throughout the entire year to maximise the benefit for the recipients


Helping Rohingya refugees by providing them housing, water wells, milk for babies and other forms of aids for our brothers and sister in Bangladesh that were in need


We have been able to help out during humanitarian disasters, such as the earthquake and tsunami in Palu, Sulawesi


We have been on the ground to support and help during flooding. We give weekly tuition at an orphanage. We also sponsor religious students to study abroad in Turkey and Yemen

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