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This book contains the rulings of Halal and Haram, Sunnah and Makruh, Valid and Invalid, Encouraged or better to be left. If you hear such terms, know that it will only be taught in the science of Jurisprudence.

This book is amongst the books which are highly acclaimed in Madzhab As Syafi’ie.
Every dedicated student of Knowledge will have to go through this book entitled Al-Ghayat Wa At-Taqrib, better known as Summary of Abi Syuja’.

The author of this book is Syihabuddin Abi Syuja’ Al-Ashfahani. He was born in the year of 434H and passed away in 593H.

Translated by : Imran Angullia Al Hafidz
Category of book : Fiqh for Madhab Shafi’i

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