Safīnah al-Najā’


Book : Safīnah al-Najāʾ
Genre : Shāfiʿī Fiqh
Language : Malay, Arab
Authored by : Al-A’llamah As-Shaykh Salim bin Abdullah bin Sa’ad bin Abdullah bin Sumair Al-Hadhrami As-Shāfiʿī
Translated by : Imrān Angullia Al-Ḥafīẓ
Material : Primium Ivory
Number of Page : 87 pages
Ship From : Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Stock : 2000 pcs



This book explains the matters of worship [ʿIbādah].

Every person who is a follower of Madhhab Shāfiʿī has to go through this book in the presence and guidance of a qualified teacher.

In this book, the manners of purifying yourself including its integrals, prayers and what validate your prayers, fasting and what invalidates fasting will be explained. All these subject are to be known by every Muslim [Farḍ ʿayn].

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