• We do weekly classes for the general public, Islamic students and Islamic teachers.
  • We do weekly events all over Malaysia such as speech talks, ceremony, and nasheed performances.
  • We have started two Qasidah groups : Firqatul Masarrah (men) and Firqatul Masarrah Nisaa (ladies).
    They tour all over Johor in Malaysia to spread the love of mawlid.
  • Weekly activities for women in Johor, Malaysia led by Ustadha Yasmin al-Idros.We have done a big da’wah tour to Philippines with habib Soleh Al Jufri and Professor Yusuf Moralez, and will make this an on-going event.We will continue to do this every year insha’aLlah. We also do da’wah tours to Europe every 1 and a half years.
  • We have done countless interfaith dialogue events to create peace and harmony with our brothers and sisters of other religions.We are sharing daily snippets of knowledge through our online dawah program on social media by posts, videos and posters in both Malay and English.
  • We have sponsored a bright Islamic student to go to Turkey, and are currently in the process of sponsoring a female student to go to Dar al Zahra, Tarim, Yemen.We collaborate with a local orphanage, Pertubuhan Kebajikan & Rumak Anak Yatim Shafar to do weekly tuition.